Dissolution and Ammendments


No proposal for dissolution shall be considered unless in a regular annual general body meeting and four weeks notice in writing is given to all the members, พ votes of the total membership shall be required fro the presentation. The college shall not be dissolved while 5% of the members dissent. In the event of the dissolution of the college, the assets of the college shall be distributed to an organization or organization-engaged in activities similar to those for which the college was established. Such determination shall be made by members of the college at the annual general body meeting.


  • To contest for post of President ICC, one should have served for minimum period of two terms in the Governing Council.
  • To contest for post of vice-president, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer one should have served for a minimum period of one term in Governing Council. (3rd General body meeting Pune 1996).

B. Orations

  • PHARMACIA ORATION IN CARDIOLOGY: This oration shall be given to life member ICC and who is an active member of ICC and who is contributed significantly in the field of cardiology.
  • SRI JAYADEVA SURGICAL ORATION: This oration shall be delivered by Cardio-Thoracic surgeon who is an life member of ICC, and who was contributed significantly in the field of Cardio-Thoracic surgery.
  • DR. K. S. SHADSKSHARAPPA PRESIDENTIAL ORATION: This is oration will given by the president of ICC during Annual ICC Conference. Person delivering the Pharmacia & Sri Jayadeva Surgical Oration will be selected by the Credential Committee. The credential committee will be nominated by the Governing Council once a year. (7th ICC General Body Meeting at Bangalore 2000).


  • Installation New President shall take place during the Inaugural function of ICC Conference.
  • Convocation ceremony to award fellowship shall take place during the Inaugural function of ICC.
  • During Inaugural function the President, President Elect, & Hon. Secretary should be seated on the Dias along with organizing committee chairman & Organizing Secretary.
  • ICC Conference shall be held in the month of June/July every year. Change of Timing and conference, due to unavoidable circumstances shall be done in consultation with the ICC office, Head Quarters. The first circular of conference should be sent to members during the month of December/January.
  • Past President & Past Hon. Secretaries will be exempted from registration fee for the Annual Conference.
  • Governing Council meeting ICC shall beheld on first day of conference during lunchtime.
  • For the General Body meeting one hour slot should be made available on 2nd day of conference in the last day of the conference.
  • New governing council meeting to be held on the last day of the conference. (10th ICC General Body meeting at Mumbai 2003)


  • 10% of total receipts received towards the conference (ie total amount) subject to a minimum of 1.5 lakhs should be contributed to ICC by the Organizing Secretary / Chairman. Out of which Rs 50,000/- has to be earmarked towards ICC Journal.
  • In the absence of local chapter of ICC the complete profit amount of conference should be transferred to ICC head quarters and in case local chapter ICC, existing 50% of the profit to be sent to ICC Head Quarters. The above said amount and audited accounts of the conference should compulsorily reach the head office within three months after the conference.
  • Building committee was formed for the planning and construction at the ICC site HSR layout Bangalore. It was decided to form permanent building committee life members and rotating members consisting of Dr.C.N.Manjunath, Dr.K.S.S.Bhat, Dr.Durai Raj, Dr.Dayasagar Rao, Dr V.Govindaraju, Dr.Kiron verghese, Dr, K.S.Ravindranath, Dr.T.R.Raghu and Ex-office, ICC President, President Elect, Hon.Secretary and Treasurer.
  • It was approved that local chapter of ICC can be formed, subject to guidelines of ICC, Head Quarters. (11th General Body meeting at New Delhi 2004).